Top Reasons To Sell Your Small Business. #2: Your Market Share Is Stagnating

What are the signs your market share has started to stagnate or, worse, on a slow decline?

Bigger competitors are squeezing you out and customers have forgotten your name.

You don’t have the money in your budget to “buy” a bigger market share through more expensive advertising.

And you certainly can’t drop your prices any lower in order to compete.

If any of this rings true, it’s a strong reason to sell before your competitors put you out of business.

“But, wait,” you say, “I don’t have to sell. My sales are holding.”

Ask any business guru – there’s an undeniable connection between market share and future profitability. 

Even if your sales are holding steady, a continued loss of market share is a big red flag indicating it’s time to sell your business.

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Gokul Padmanabhan

Written by Gokul Padmanabhan

Gokul Padmanabhan has devoted the past 15 years to buying and selling businesses, much of that in the restoration industry. His partnership with RESCON Business Brokers strengthens his hands-on expertise with a national presence and infrastructure that is second to none.